Re: How about PICS support?

From: Swen Mager <>
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 22:24:49 -0500

Hello everybody!

I'm already working on that!

My favorite idea was:
Keep of children in schools from pages with adult-orientated material!

That's the only thing what it's suposed to be!
A 'normal' ISP won't change the squid settings for 'normal' people...

I'm goin to paste my first results within the next week...

Cheers Swen

At 10:12 17.10.1996 +0100, you wrote:
>There's one for y'all :-)
>I don't see any use for it myself for our site, but I'd imagine there'd be
>a fair whack of ISP's who'd like to play Big Brother and filter for their
>clients. It would also mean that PICS would work for all browsers instead
>of only those that support it.
>[See if you don't know what PICS is]
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