From: Jean-Hugues ROYER <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 02:24:24 +0200

Hi, i'm using either squid 1.0.18 or 1.1beta8 , my "access.log" is full
of ERR_CLIENT_ABORT ... so i decided to clean it and to test it ...

I started squid 1.0.18 or 1.1beta8 and opened a netscape 3.0 and i just typed
the URL "" , i waited for the page to download
and didn't interrupt it , the page looked good and i looked into
the access.log i saw some ERR_CLIENT_ABORT and in "store.log" i saw that
, because of that error , most of my GETs was released (not stored in the

I decided to grab more URLs and i found that i got more & more
only on some http servers, i tried to raise the log level (ALL,9) but i
didn't find
where (in which function) the ERR_CLIENT_ABORT was set...

My guess is that some replys from http servers make squid set ERR_CLIENT_ABORT
without any good reason... because when i made the test again it happend on
same URL (same gifs, or same jpegs) ...

I tried to change some options in my squid.conf (quick_abort , timeouts
...) but
i still had the same problem...

This bug has something weird:

When you get a real ERR_CLIENT_ABORT it's written in "cache.log" &
but when you get a bogus ERR_CLIENT_ABORT it's only written in "access.log"

There is also a difference between what is written during a real & bogus
here is an example:

REAL ERR_CLIENT_ABORT: (i hit stop during the download)
       - - [21/Oct/1996:01:58:26 +0100] "GET" ERR_CLIENT_ABORT 0
                96/10/21 01:58:31| ERR_CLIENT_ABORT:
                845859511.386 RELEASE 400 300 [ 5m] 0/1368

BOGUS ERR_CLIENT_ABORT: (i didn't interrupt it !)
       - - [21/Oct/1996:01:59:39 +0100] "GET" ERR_CLIENT_ABORT 88
                845859579.781 RELEASE 304 0 [ 0s] 0/0

This bug doesn't make squid crash, it doesn't corrupt anything, you can't
see it if
you don't look into the logs, but the bad thing is that many cachable URLs
are never
cached... because when the bug happens on an URL this URL is always

Did anyone already see that bug ?

Thanks for any help/reply :)
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