Re: Pre-fetching some URLs

From: Adrian Havill <>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 12:15:35 +0900

Dancer wrote:
> > By the way, what is the typical hit rate that you might
> > be getting ? I am getting around 40% rate hit and for
> > some of the people that I speak to, they said it is
> > pretty high.
> We're running a 900MB cache here. We peak at around a 25% hit-rate. We

We use a two squid setup (v1.0.18) running as neighbors. Our Tokyo squid
reported the following hit percentages this morning: HTTP: 27%, FTP:
15%, Gopher: 7%. Our Osaka neighbor squid reported HTTP 31% FTP 8%
Gopher 0%.

We usually average just under 30% for HTTP.

40% is wierdly high, but not impossible. I find that we can increase
our HTTP hit rate by about 5% if we pre-fetch in every URL that's in the
current issue of "Yahoo Online" (the magazine, Japanese edition).

Typing those URLs in is the chore we give to the data-entry guy in the
office we hate. >:-> It'd be nice if Yahoo published a disk every month
with nothing but the URLs in the magazine.

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