From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 96 21:26:39 -0700 writes:

>I'm getting several of these in my access.log:
>>From the ChangeLog:
> - Added more IMS support. Now Squid issues IMS requests for
> expired objects in the cache. Log type will be either
> TCP_EXPIRED_HIT if the server sends "304 Not Modified" or
> TCP_EXPIRED_MISS if the server send a new object.
>Surely then, if the server sent a new object the reply code sent back to
>the client would be 200, not 304.

In this case the object was out of date in Squid's cache, *and* the
client sent an IMS request. I'll fix the next version so this
gets logged properly as a TCP_EXPIRED_HIT.

>Could it be that the client has a newer copy of the page than Squid, so
>Squid only sends a 304 to the client but keeps the updated content? If
>that's the case, how can I find out the size of the new page - on all
>TCP_EXPIRED_MISS/304 lines, the size is less than 100 bytes (presumably the
>size of a 304 response).

The size written to the access.log is the number of bytes delivered to
the client.

In this case Squid received a short 304 reply from the server
and also gave it to the client.

Duane W.
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