Re: 1.0.12 and URL containing an underscore

From: Joe Ramey <>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 11:23:42 -0500

   Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 11:47:31 -0700
   From: Marc Delisle <>
   Organization: College de Sherbrooke

   I'm using bind 4.9.4-P1. I looked at RFC1912 and they indeed mention
   that an underscore is not standard, althought it is allowed in RFC1033,
   which is not a standard :)

   The people at tell me that they also set up an alias I wonder why Squid also gives an error on this

I don't think that setting up an alias is enough, since the resolver
still sees the bad name (the one with an underscore).

Instead, they should set up an A record for,
and if they want to keep the old name, they should make *it* an alias.

In other words, instead of CNAME A

they should have the reverse, that is, CNAME A

   Finally, can someone tell me if the gethostbyname() call comes with
   bind, or with libc?

The answer depends on your operating system, but in some cases, both.

I've copied the DNS admin of on this response, for their
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