Re: ERR_CLIENT_ABORT bug. -- or is it?

From: Jean-Hugues ROYER <>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 18:45:05 +0200

>>> Here is an URL where it ALWAYS happens:
>The client probably aborts, it is probably accurate.
>moray# telnet 80
>Connected to
>Escape character is '^]'.
>GET / HTTP/1.0
>HTTP/1.0 302 Moved
>Server: Commerce-Builder/1.5 (Win32; i386; S)
>Content-type: text/html
>Content-length: 200
><html><head><title>302 Moved</title></head>
><body><h1>302 Moved</h1The desired URL is located at <a
ex.htm</a></body></html>Connection closed by foreign host.
>After seeting the "Location:" header, some browsers may just abort the
>connection (it would be a perfectly valid thing to do). The other thing
>of note is no \n on the end of this item.

I'm sorry but when i gave the "" i meant that most of the
URL from that
site were producing the bug... not only this the main URL ...


Just try to access "" with your regular browser and
go to look
into your "access.log" you'll see most of the GETs with the flag

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