Re: hardware configurations?

From: Serge A. Krashakov <>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 12:14:13 +0400

Tom Fischer <> asks:

> Has anyone done any qualitative testing between systems to determine
> if there is an optimal system to be used as a squid caching proxy
> (DEC vs IBM vs SGI vs pentium, etc.). I've seen that the US
> (as well as RENATER here in France) are using DEC Alpha systems (does
> anyone know why?).

It depends on load of your cache server.

We uses for regional cache server in Chernogolovka (Scientific Center in
Chernogolovka campus, ~ 1000 computers, mean 1500-2000 requests per hour,
3000-4000 request/hour in peak time) Pentium/120 with 32MB RAM, 2GB HDD
(we suppose to increase disk space in the nearest future) and FreeBSD.
And thys system works fine.

Serge Krashakov, Administrator of Chg-FREEnet
Received on Thu Oct 24 1996 - 01:14:45 MDT

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