hardware configurations?

From: Tom Fischer <tfischer@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 08:03:17 +0000


I've been lurking for about a month now, running squid (1.0.18) in a
local test configuration, and am very pleased with the results. In
preparation to move this from a test mode to a production mode, I'm
curious as to what fellow squid users are using for hardware
configurations. My squid system could potentially be serving a
very large user base (thousands of users), so I'm mainly interested
in larger installations.

Has anyone done any qualitative testing between systems to determine
if there is an optimal system to be used as a squid caching proxy
(DEC vs IBM vs SGI vs pentium, etc.). I've seen that the US
(as well as RENATER here in France) are using DEC Alpha systems (does
anyone know why?).

Thanks in advance for any answers, pointers, etc.


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