Re: hardware configurations?

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 96 09:17:00 +0200

On Thursday 24 October 96, at 8 h 3, the keyboard of Tom Fischer
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> Has anyone done any qualitative testing between systems to determine
> if there is an optimal system to be used as a squid caching proxy
> (DEC vs IBM vs SGI vs pentium, etc.). I've seen that the US
> (as well as RENATER here in France) are using DEC Alpha systems (does
> anyone know why?).

You can ask us, dear colleague (, or see the archives
of the Renater-Cache mailing list:

or our Web server:

Basically, we use OSF/1 because we knew it well ("we" = the two technical
managers of the box) and knew it can handle very high TCP/IP loads. We
use Digital because they made the cheapest proposal when requested. The
other choices considered were HP, Sun and SGI. All were much more
expensive. We considered the use of a PC/Linux but were afraid of its
ability to handle such loads (two regional caches, including the largest
of the cache network, use PC/Linux and are very happy with it. Ten new
regional caches are under construction, all with Linux.)

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