Re: New to list, 1.1b10 seems seriously broke, another question

From: Peter Olsson <>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996 11:12:50 +0200 (SST)


> Also, I hate to sound like an idiot, but I always get access denied
> trying to use cachemgr.cgi. The original menu comes up, but I'm not sure
> what I'm supposed to use for a password. I rooted around and saw
> references to a user "cache" in the code, so I've created one, and tried
> their password. Doesn't work. I've banged on ACL't to open it wide up
> and still haven't gotten it to work.
> I'm sure it's something trivial, I just don't know what.

Probably the same fault I did in the beginning. What you put in the
accesslist for this should not be your client machine, it must be your
Squid-server! This means you make the ACL give you permission to look
at the server, not letting your client in. This also means that EVERYONE
will be allowed to look at your Squidserver's cachemgr.cgi and without
a password because the password is only used when shutting down Squid
remotely. This must be fixed with access control in your webserver.
In the cachemgr.cgi-menu you only give the name or number of your
Squid-server and what port Squid runs on. No password.

Read the Squid-FAQ, the last part is devoted to cachemgr.cgi and is
very helpful.

Peter Olsson
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