Re: Extension to access.log file

From: Miguel A.L. Paraz <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 14:28:48 +0000 ()


Stewart Forster wrote:

> Can an extra bit of info be added (perhaps say another / after the
> UDP_HIT_OBJ) which says from which sibling cache the requests came from?
> This would make the log file complete (well for us anyway) in that we
> can determine how much savings we're getting via our two sister caches.
> I'm others might find this information useful too.

Yeah, this is a fine idea. But, while we're at it, why not make
implement a configurable logfile format? Aside from the basic access.log,
there's now an option for MIME headers.

> Any reasons why this can't be done? I'd be happy to mod the code and
> send patches in if the squid programmers are busy, however which code should
> I be patching?

Read stat.c, especially, the log_append function. I just recently took
a dive and started hacking around the code, and it isn't too hard,
considering I've never been a formal programmer (just a code whacker
and Perl script-type of programmer).

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