Extension to access.log file

From: Stewart Forster <slf@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 18:26:03 +1100


        In the new access.log format we see lines of the order

846421540.897 78 TCP_MISS/200/UDP_HIT_OBJ 4202 GET

        where the object has missed the cache, but been picked up from a
neighbour cache, hence the UDP_HIT_OBJ. The same can happen with NEIGHBOUR_HIT
instead, meaning the object was in a nighbour cache and was satisfied via a
TCP transfer rather than the UDP reply.

        We run two proxy caches here and we'd like to know how much gets
satisfied from the other cache. There's no real easy way of doing this except
by poking through hierarchy.log, which is ugly because the timestamps differ
although the object is the same.

        Can an extra bit of info be added (perhaps say another / after the
UDP_HIT_OBJ) which says from which sibling cache the requests came from? This
would make the log file complete (well for us anyway) in that we can determine
how much savings we're getting via our two sister caches. I'm others might
find this information useful too.

        Any reasons why this can't be done? I'd be happy to mod the code and
send patches in if the squid programmers are busy, however which code should
I be patching?



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