Re: Squid on BSDI

From: Serge A. Krashakov <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 10:31:21 +0300

Bill Wichers <> wrote:

> I am running Squid v1.1.b10 on BSDI and I need to know how to make it run in
> the background. Currently I have it starting from the rc.local file, which
> works fine under Linux, but on BSDI it brings Squid up in the console. I
> need to have squid either come up in the background (preffered), or start in
> a different virtual terminal. Any ideas on how to redirect the console
> under BSDI or better yet, how to get Squid to start in the background?

Do you run RunCache from rc.local, or squid directly ?
I'm running RunCache as background from rc.local on my FreeBSD-2.1 without
any problems.

Serge Krashakov, administrator of Chg-FREEnet
Received on Mon Oct 28 1996 - 23:32:36 MST

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