Re: upcoming changes to TTLs.

From: Lars Marowsky-Bree <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 18:25:41 +0100

On 1996-10-28T09:58:11, (Duane Wessels) said:

> suggested the same thing.

Yes, I was quite amused when his and mine mail arrived at about the same
time here ;-)

> How would you like to specify this in the config file? global option?
> stuff it in the refresh_pattern line? what are the parameters?

Your current proposal was:

The 'ttl_pattern' config option is replaced with a 'refresh_pattern'
directive. In addition to the regular expression, the refresh_pattern
line takes three parameters: min, max, percent.

I would probably stuff this in the refresh_pattern line as a time relative
to the LM. If the object has been more than this time in the cache already,
issue an asynchronous IMS.

And of course, if the IMS fails because there is an error, the request
should be issued again later. (I ask for this because I am not always
connected to the Net - if you don't implement this, no problem ;)

And there probably should be an option to not only issue this Async-IMS when
the object is requested, but in the background, by periodically checking if
the objects should be IMSed. I could also see a use for an option to not
periodically checking all objects, but for explicitly invoking this check,
perhaps in the night when there is more free bandwidth.

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