Re: Java proxy gatewaying

From: Jef Poskanzer <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 09:48:25 PST

>Probably not just a Squid issue, but here goes.
>Tried to try out some new java-base Chat site:
>The java involves network calls, and even though my Netscape browser is
>configured to work via a proxy server (squid of course!), Netscape goes
>off and tries to connect to the java server directly - where it gets
>jumped on by our firewall.

You're right, it's nothing to do with Squid. The Java applet is
using its own protocol. It's not one of the protocols that Netscape has
a proxy setting for, so Netscape tries to connect directly, which
of course doesn't get through your firewall.

The solution is for applet authors to stick to HTTP. If they need to
have a persistant connection they need to do that *within* the HTTP
standard, perhaps using HTTP/1.1 chunked streams. There is a Squid
issue here, though: Squid needs to detect and not cache these
persistant connections.

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