Re: my cache is small!

From: Christian Balzer <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 10:08:37 +0100 (MET)

Steve Green wrote:
>Graeme Merrall wrote:
>> We've been running our 1.0.18 cache for about a week and it swelled to
>> about 90Mb (on 1.4Gb cache) and now it's shrunk down to a piddly 70Mb.
>> I'm running with vanilla config files but even that shouldn't mean I
>> should suffer from such a small cache should it?
>If your running with the default config then the following are set:
>cache_swap 100
>cache_swap_low 75
>cache_swap_high 90
>This tells squid to use 100 MB of your cache directory, and when it hits
>90% full ( 90 MB ) it will start removing the oldest cache object until
>it gets down to 70% full.
>Try setting cache_swap to 1400
Also if you're running the vanilla config you will have rather short
TTL times and with 1.0 expired objects are removed when touched again
or during a cleanup (with the default config that would happen when
squid is started). I had to tune the old Harvest/Squid 1.0 a lot to
at least fill 60-70% of the cache space available... ^_^

Mata ne,


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