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From: Christian Balzer <>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 1996 09:30:26 +0100 (MET)


lemme recap what oddities I've found so far, some have been reported
from other folks as well:

1. Squid error pages are broken (DNS error et al)
Instead you get a zero lenght page "Document contains no data" back
from it. Should be a trivial one. ^_^

2. A page with missing LM data causes an IMS check for objects on it that
would otherwise not be a subject to it.

3. Stale objects can be introduced from neighbors.

4. Does that refresh_pattern work as I think it does? ;-)

I see IMS checks (TCP_REFRESH_HIT) on links like
"" after a _very_ short time, where the
object is a month old. According to the patterns I use...

#refresh_pattern        .       0 20% 4320
refresh_pattern/i      \.jpg$                     15        30%      10080
refresh_pattern/i      \.gif$                     15        30%      10080
refresh_pattern        ^http://                    1        30%       4320 
refresh_pattern        ^ftp://.*/$                 2        20%       4320
refresh_pattern        ^ftp://                     5        50%      10080 
... I would expect this JPEG to be matched be the first pattern and thus
be "fresh" for a week. Even the http or default (do you have to uncomment
it and put it on the end or is it coded in?) rules should have resulted
in at least 3 days of freshness for it... What's going on???
Mata ne,
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