Re: Spreading cache over several disks ..

From: Steve Green <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 10:35:48 +1100

This is possible by using multiple cache_dir entries. Then set the
cache_swap entry to the TOTAL size of these partitions.

I don't know how squid works out how big each partition is. I assume it
just divides the cache_swap by the number of cache_dir entries. If this
is true then obviously the size of each partition must be the same.

If the partitions are not the same, my quess would be to work out the
largest size that divides exactly into each current partition and 'cut
up' the larger partitions into multiple partitions of that size.

For example, if one partition was 1 GB, and another was 2 GB, cut the 2
GB one into 2 X 1GB partitions. This would result in 3 X 1GB partitions,
so setup 3 cache_dir entries and set cache_swap to 3000.

Does this concur with everyone elses experience/wisdom?

Or am I talking total crap? ;-)

Steve Green
Received on Sun Nov 10 1996 - 15:36:30 MST

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