Re: Frequent ERR_DNS_FAIL in Squid 1.1.beta19

From: Stephane Bortzmeyer <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 96 10:43:47 +0100

On Thursday 14 November 96, at 10 h 19, the keyboard of wrote:

> I just upgraded from Squid-1.1beta5 to Squid-1.1beta19 and the rate of
> ERR_DNS_FAIL went straight up. I went from having 150-300 ERR_DNS_FAIL
> per day to 40 in 5 minutes (about 11000 per day). I downgraded the

On the French academic national cache (running on Alpha+OSF1), we see a
lot of ERR_DNS_FAIL with beta19 but all of them seem legitimate (many
spelling errors, but also remote DNS servers actually dead, etc). I send
you the best we got:

96/11/13 18:02:32| ERR_DNS_FAIL:


Otherwise, everything seems fine. After investigation, it appears that
all our DNS errors can be traced to the end user or to the remote site's
name servers.
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