Again: Minimum Life Time

From: Ralf Rudolph <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 16:25:31 +0100

Someone asked this a new weeks ago, but in my digests I could not find an
answer. As I have the same problem now, I ask it again:

Is there a way of defining a MINIMUM cache time for objects? YES, I know
that in 99% of all standard situations you should not cache any object too
long, especially when the server says, "hey, this one is only valid for 10
minutes". But I really do need this, and I do really know what I ask for.

The optimum way of defining this would be in conjunction with regular
expressions, so that I can define "cache at least 2 hours anything that
comes from". Maybe in conjunction with the (very powerful) ACL

If there is no way using the standard config (I could not find anything in
1.0.17, but i am willing to update if it helps), maybe someone can give me a
hint in what module the lifetime is calculated, because then I would need to
patch the sourcecode then.

Thank you for any hints!

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