Re: Again: Minimum Life Time

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 96 10:06:48 -0800 writes:

>Someone asked this a new weeks ago, but in my digests I could not find an
>answer. As I have the same problem now, I ask it again:
>Is there a way of defining a MINIMUM cache time for objects? YES, I know
>that in 99% of all standard situations you should not cache any object too
>long, especially when the server says, "hey, this one is only valid for 10
>minutes". But I really do need this, and I do really know what I ask for.
>The optimum way of defining this would be in conjunction with regular
>expressions, so that I can define "cache at least 2 hours anything that
>comes from". Maybe in conjunction with the (very powerful) ACL
>If there is no way using the standard config (I could not find anything in
>1.0.17, but i am willing to update if it helps), maybe someone can give me a
>hint in what module the lifetime is calculated, because then I would need to
>patch the sourcecode then.

Version 1.1.alpha12 through 1.1.beta10 have 'ttl_force_pattern' which lets
you override the HTTP Expires: value.

Versions 1.1.beta11 and later have 'refresh_pattern' where you can specify
a minimum amount of time for which the object is always valid. In other
words, if the object age is less than 'minimum' its just given out without
any refresh (IMS GET) checks.

Duane W.
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