Host: header messes up httpd_accel mode

From: Jake Donham <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 14:09:56 -0800


I'm having a problem using httpd_accel mode with Squid 1.1 beta 20. Squid
uses the Host: header to decide the hostname to access, but the Host:
header includes the port number (if it's not 80), and you wind up with two
port numbers, like

(httpd is on 8000, Squid is on 3128, URL is, and you
get a DNS lookup error.

The relevant code is in icp.c:

        } else if ((t = mime_get_header(req_hdr, "Host"))) {
            /* If a Host: header was specified, use it to build the URL
             * instead of the one in the Config file. */
            icpState->url = xcalloc(strlen(url) + strlen(t) + 32, 1);
            sprintf(icpState->url, "http://%s:%d%s",
                t, (int) Config.Accel.port, url);
        } else {

I can just comment that out but it seems like the Config.Accel.port should
override the Host port or something.

Jake Donham
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