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From: Ronald Wiplinger <ronald@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 96 09:47:43 +0800

I am new to Squid, and therefore forgive me some "stupid" questions.

I have installed squid 1.0.20 and started it. Works fine, however I did not configer it first.....

I browsed some pages, like:

my own site
my virtual sites
phtml pages

After I have seen, that the own site can be excluded, I did it. However Squid seems to look first
in the cache and THAN in the config file, because all my local pages and phtml pages are
cached, and therefore displayed the outdated page. All not seen pages from my site are not
cached and updated all the time.

Q. How can I remove such entries in the cache?

Virtual hostings are also a "problem". I use two class-c's for them. As I see, I can use either all
virtual names or all IPs in the config file, but is there no convinient way to do that. I mean in
CuSeeMe I can config easy an aray of IPs, or even an entire class-c (b) at once.
Or could it be made to use a database for all the virtual domains, like sendmail it does? Or is
that meant with a x.x.x.0 in local_ip?

I have excluded with http_stop /cgi-bin/ phtml and ?
Are there other files also to exclude? I could imagine .ra .ram (real audio).
BTW should the http_stop have "phtml" or ".phtml" (dot!) ?
Or should this be done with ttl_pattern ?

What is the acl part for?

Than another question:
I know, that you can parent, neighbour caches. However, how can I get the permission for using
another ones cache database and how should I select it?
And the same question reverse, how can I avoid that someone use my cache.
(Once a while back, some small ISP used other ones name server and mail server, therefore I
could imagine, that such small ISP point there cache server to a bigger ISPs cache, what means
that this ISP gets now the www server for the small ISP. I could imagine that it would work like:


cache CNAME cache.other.ISP:3128. )



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