Re: Squid cache remove

From: David Ramahefason <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 11:09:43 +0100 (MET)

On Sat, 23 Nov 1996, Ronald Wiplinger wrote:

Hello :)

> After I have seen, that the own site can be excluded, I did it. However Squid seems to look first
> in the cache and THAN in the config file, because all my local pages and phtml pages are
> cached, and therefore displayed the outdated page. All not seen pages from my site are not
> cached and updated all the time.
> Q. How can I remove such entries in the cache?

need to put the domains with local_domain or local_ip tag ....

> Virtual hostings are also a "problem". I use two class-c's for them. As I see, I can use either all
> virtual names or all IPs in the config file, but is there no convinient way to do that. I mean in
> CuSeeMe I can config easy an aray of IPs, or even an entire class-c (b) at once.
> Or could it be made to use a database for all the virtual domains, like sendmail it does? Or is
> that meant with a x.x.x.0 in local_ip?

Do the same :)

> I have excluded with http_stop /cgi-bin/ phtml and ?

Yep but I think \.phtml would work better....

> Are there other files also to exclude? I could imagine .ra .ram (real audio).

Yep... (Real Audio got its own proxy tools I think)

> BTW should the http_stop have "phtml" or ".phtml" (dot!) ?


> Or should this be done with ttl_pattern ?
ttl => time to live .... better http_stop... no ?!

> What is the acl part for?

It's for allowing/denying access to your proxy.....

> Than another question:
> I know, that you can parent, neighbour caches. However, how can I get the permission for using
> another ones cache database and how should I select it?

Need to ask to the cache manager that you want to peer with him..... some
accept other refuse... :)

> And the same question reverse, how can I avoid that someone use my cache.

By using the acl's

> (Once a while back, some small ISP used other ones name server and mail server, therefore I
> could imagine, that such small ISP point there cache server to a bigger ISPs cache, what means
> that this ISP gets now the www server for the small ISP. I could imagine that it would work like:
> (
> cache CNAME cache.other.ISP:3128. )

Don't think that's something to do with the DNS files..... cause if you
don't want others to user you ports .... you can !


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