Re: Squid slower than reqest without Squid!?!?

From: Jonathan Larmour <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 19:19:32 +0000

At 13:45 24/11/96 -0600, Swen Mager wrote:
>The machine Squid is running on is a 586 90MHz using 32MB of RAM and 900MB
>of discspace... i added 2 siblings which i alowed to use... those Squid are
>available really fast... my timeout values for sibling lookup are 5 seconds...

Reduce this timeout to the default of 2 seconds and see if things improve.

>But we're using 4 modems on that host too. Is it posssible that these modems
>slow down our host so much or is something else wrong with my configuration?
>there are about 30000 requests a day on that Squid.... that shouldn't be so
>much i guess... :(((

Run "vmstat 5" on your machine. Does it get a lot of interrupts? Is the CPU
busy most of the time? Then the modems could be chewing your CPU.

>The Squid only transfers about 150 MB a day through a 128K/Bit connection to
>the net and has a HIT-rate about 30%

30% sounds reasonable.

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