Squid slower than reqest without Squid!?!?

From: Swen Mager <swen@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 13:45:32 -0600

Hello everybody,

something really strange happened to me th last days.

In our company we're using Squid 1.20beta. Accessing an URL through the
Squid is much more slower than accessing an URL with disabled proxy settings
in my browser...

The machine Squid is running on is a 586 90MHz using 32MB of RAM and 900MB
of discspace... i added 2 siblings which i alowed to use... those Squid are
available really fast... my timeout values for sibling lookup are 5 seconds...

But we're using 4 modems on that host too. Is it posssible that these modems
slow down our host so much or is something else wrong with my configuration?
there are about 30000 requests a day on that Squid.... that shouldn't be so
much i guess... :(((
The Squid only transfers about 150 MB a day through a 128K/Bit connection to
the net and has a HIT-rate about 30%

Any ideas what happens??? Do you need any further information to find out
what happens?

Any comments are really apreciated...



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