Forwarded for in 1.1beta 20

From: Steve Green <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 12:24:38 +1000

We have an application here that checks the ultimate client address.
After upgraded to 1.1 beta 20 this application now doesn't work becuase
the line "Forwarded: by http://squid-machine:port for ip-addr-of-client"
isn't in the header!

The forwarded_for option hasn't been disabled. I've even commented out
the if above where this is inserted into the code - no joy.

A bit more background - the URL is a form that get POSTed to the web
server. I have a pattern from it's URL /sag/ in the heirarchy_stoplist
and cache_stoplist since I want this to be handled just like a cgi-bin
request - not cached.

Any ideas!?

Steve Green
Received on Sun Nov 24 1996 - 17:25:11 MST

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