Re: Forwarded for in 1.1beta 20

From: Duane Wessels <wessels>
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 96 18:32:13 -0800 writes:

>We have an application here that checks the ultimate client address.
>After upgraded to 1.1 beta 20 this application now doesn't work becuase
>the line "Forwarded: by http://squid-machine:port for ip-addr-of-client"
>isn't in the header!

As mentioned here last week, the use of "Forwarded" was taken from an
early HTTP/1.1 draft from The presence of Forwarded broke
Squid's interaction with at least two sites in particular (
and More recent HTTP/1.1 drafts use Via: instead.

The current draft does not provide (anywhere that I can see) for the
original client address to be inserted into the request headers.
Perhaps because might want to use it for some kind of authentication
and it is so simple to fake. The closest thing would be the From:

The HTTP/1.1 draft doesn't seem to have anything to say about 'X-foo'
headers which might be another option.

Duane W.
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