Re: Two problems, 1=very long url:s and 2=cache not caching!?!?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 96 15:40:39 -0800 writes:

>Excuse me for the length of this mail.
>1. One of our users use a database-application outside our firewall. The
>url:s get quite long with all question parameters, well above 4 kB. He has
>together with the application maintainers debugged it down to the url being
>truncated at about the 4 kB-mark when going through squid, while it works
>fine when going direct.
>We are using squid 1.0.5 (no time for upgrading lately :(
>My question is if there is a limit on url-length in squid? And if there is,
>will it be removed or can I remove it myself (approximate code-pointers
>please, please).

Tell your user he would be wise to switch to POST requests instead of GET.

Else, grep for MAX_URL in the source.

>Now it seems that very little is cached anymore!? I get
>TCP_REFRESH_MISS/200 on things I know are (or should be) in the cache.
>Among others are squids homepage. But, for example, work
>fine in the cache. Some gif-files are also cached ok.

These are Squid-initiated If-Modified-Since requests. The object is still
in the cache.

Duane W.
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