Two problems, 1=very long url:s and 2=cache not caching!?!?

From: Peter Olsson <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 22:18:08 +0100


Excuse me for the length of this mail.

1. One of our users use a database-application outside our firewall. The
url:s get quite long with all question parameters, well above 4 kB. He has
together with the application maintainers debugged it down to the url being
truncated at about the 4 kB-mark when going through squid, while it works
fine when going direct.

We are using squid 1.0.5 (no time for upgrading lately :(

My question is if there is a limit on url-length in squid? And if there is,
will it be removed or can I remove it myself (approximate code-pointers
please, please).

2. The problem above triggered an upgrade-attempt. I have successfully
compiled squid 1.1beta23. I have completely erased the contents of the
cache-directory before starting the new squid. I have only changed three
things in the config-file: port=80 and tcp_incoming and tcp_outgoing.

Now it seems that very little is cached anymore!? I get
TCP_REFRESH_MISS/200 on things I know are (or should be) in the cache.
Among others are squids homepage. But, for example, work
fine in the cache. Some gif-files are also cached ok.

I discovered now that squid is not the only one having problems, Netscape
3.01 goes to squid instead of its local cache on these objects as well.
And, as would be expected, is retrieved from netscapes local

I tried raising debug in squid, but I got a severe headache from
information overflow :) I saw however that all objects had expiry = -1.
This seems relevant to my problem?

Thanks for your time!

Peter Olsson
Received on Tue Nov 26 1996 - 13:26:01 MST

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