From: Adam Nelson <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 11:23:06 +1100


        I've written a redirector program in C using dbm files. Works fine,
I'm considering writing a CGI interface for inserting, modifying and
deleting redirected urls.

        That's not the problem. I would have thought that the redirector
would send a 'Location: http://blah' header so that the browser loads the
new page, not just gets new data hidden under the original url.

        For example, if I redirect to, all
of the images on will attempt to load from
(which will fail). Now obviously I can redirect all the images too, but this
is a hassle, especially if I don't own the redirected page.

        Is their any problem in using the Location: header (apart from the
fact that some browsers may not support it)?

Regards, Adam.

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