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Date: Thu, 28 Nov 96 15:33:38 +0000

Adam, I think you have missed the point. If you need a Location
header, get your web server to provide a Location header; if you need
to suck these from a dbm file, run a CGI. The whole point of the
redirector is to make the data in different places appear to be in the
*same* URL structure without the browser knowing.

When I migrate various parts of my web space to different systems or
servers because they have different authentication requirements, or
because the directories are being moved between different filesystems,
or just because I'm trying to sort out the spaghetti that our web
server has become, the URL stays the same to users and browsers, and
they don't see the horrible internal hacked URLs which get the query
to the right place.

So please do *NOT* change the redirector functionality, Duane!

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