RE: File desc num. on FreeBSD 2.1.6

From: Zivojnovic Ranko <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 17:31:40 +0200

Forget it... just figured it out!

Took me two days, and when I have sent this message, and got back
to my FBSD box to look around, found the solution (and reason why only
256 fdescs)!

Hate when this happens!!!



From: Zivojnovic Ranko[]
Sent: 28 November 1996 16:34
To: ''
Subject: File desc num. on FreeBSD 2.1.6

Howdy squiders.

I'm posting this Q here since most probably you have played with it :).

I have just installed FreeBSD 2.1.6R to my machine, and I was wandering
if there is a way to safely increase number of available file descriptors. Currently
"configure" gives me max. of 256.

Thanx in advance,


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