Re: POST through parent / ERR_CLIENT_ABORT

From: Jean-Hugues ROYER <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:11:59 +0100

At 15:38 26/11/96 +0000, James R Grinter wrote:
>On Tue 26 Nov, 1996, Jean-Hugues ROYER <> wrote:
>>request using Netscape (gold or not) 3.X you'll get a lot of erronous
>it happens, possibly, on the actual URL above because it does
>a '302' redirection. I've noticed sometimes that these produce
>eroneous ABORT entries in the log, presumably because the EOF
>happens in the first read().
>it's possible that its content-length value isn't correct for the
>data its sending - would that make Squid log such an error?

Yes ... it seems to be a good explication of the bug... duane ?!?
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