Re: The new HTTP_VIA field

From: Steve Green <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 09:33:17 +1000

Jef Poskanzer wrote:
> >I like the HTTP_VIA field sent to our WWW server from the cache.
> >Unfortunately it doesn't seem to add a whole lot of information, at least not
> >to someone as new to Web cacheing as me. The HTTP_VIA tells me the same name
> >as the REMOTE_HOST field (and the address of the cache can be found in
> They become different in the case of multiple hops - the Via field
> is supposed to have an entry from each proxy along the way, like
> a netnews Path: header.
> ---
> Jef

Does the VIA: header also contain the address of the ultimate client?
Like the "FORWARDED BY ... FOR ..." header in HTTP/1.0 does.

We need the ultimate client address to do client authentication.

Steve Green
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