Re: fix(?) for Solaris 2.5, running out of filedescriptors.

From: Jason Lee <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 22:25:51 +1100

On Nov 28, Anthony Baxter wrote:
> Hi folks -
> I've got a fix/workaround for getting squid to use more than 1024 fds
> on Solaris 2.5. The problem is with the select() call, which, in Solaris,
> is just a wrapper around poll(). I wrote my own select() call (which calls
> poll()) and set it to use up to 4096 filedescriptors. According to Sun,
> various kernel thingys go byebyes when you push it any higher than that.

Ah ha. The problem with select is mentioned in the solaris faq re:
increasing file descriptors, which I did include in my reply to Stewart
on squid-users some time ago.

Presumably, you tried setting FD_SETSIZE before including <sys/types.h>
as documented in the select man page? Or is this the big 'doesn't work
as documented' bug in solaris?


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