fix(?) for Solaris 2.5, running out of filedescriptors.

From: Anthony Baxter <>
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 16:40:18 +1100

Hi folks -

I've got a fix/workaround for getting squid to use more than 1024 fds
on Solaris 2.5. The problem is with the select() call, which, in Solaris,
is just a wrapper around poll(). I wrote my own select() call (which calls
poll()) and set it to use up to 4096 filedescriptors. According to Sun,
various kernel thingys go byebyes when you push it any higher than that.

It's been running on a few machines here for a day or so, and seems to work
fine (I observed one of them using around 1500 fd's last night).

A better way to do this is to make the code use poll(), if poll is
available. This is a bit more work, but is probably worth doing, anyway.
(yes, I'm looking at it)

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