UDP port 7 ping problem

From: Scott Howard <scott@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 11:19:57 +1100 (EST)


We are current running a number of Harvest/Squid hosts, all connecting
to an upstream CERN-based proxy called WebTrack (A commercial product
which can restrict access to "undesirable" sites). As such, the Squids
are setup to use UDP port 7 as the "ping" port.
Both the Harvest/Squid hosts, and the WebTrack host are Linux machines.

Until recently WebTrack ran on a machine of it's own, running on the
base IP of that machine, and everything worked fine.
Recently we moved WebTrack to a virtual IP on another machine. TCP access
to the cache now works fine, but ICP/UDP access doesn't seem to be happening
at all, meaning that Squid detects the parent as dead, and ignores it.

I'm presuming the problem is due to inetd sending back respones with the
back IP of the machine, and not the virtual IP, which Squid is then ignoring.
Unfortunately at the moment I don't have time to check this out fully.

The simple solution is to turn on single_parent_bypass, and this does work
fine. Unfortunately, we have a number of machine accessing the WebTrack proxy,
and setting this on each of them is going to be annoying to say the least.

Has anyone got any suggestions about what could be causeing the problem,
and how we go about fixing it from the server (ie, WebTrack server) side?

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