ftpget and mime headers.

From: Goncalo Valverde <grumbler@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 13:36:28 +0100 (MET)

 Ive noticed a strange behaviour with the mime headers that ftpget sends
to the browser, at least in squid version 1.0.20. When you try to download
a file like foobar.zip.desc or foobar.zip.txt, ftpget sends the mime type
application/x-zip-compressed insted of sending text/plain. Something
similar happens if you foobar.exe.desc, etc in the name.
 My guess is that ftpget checks the filename, sees the zip part (or other)
and says "aha! This must be a zip file, lets send
application/x-zip-compressed without even bothering that its not the real
extension of the file". This tends to be a nuisance, because then the user
needs to save the file to the harddisk and only then he/she can read the
description of the file. If ftpget was writen in perl i would patch it
myself (just making it check something like /patern$/i) but since my
knowledge of C is almoust ridiculous heres my report :-)..
 (Btw, i wonder what would hapen if the file as the name file.exe.zip ??)

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