Squid memory usage too much..

From: Antti Rytsola <raccoon@dont-contact.us>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 14:45:32 +0200

        I've configured squid mem to 16 megs, seems fine with that, because
        I've got 48 megs in my FreeBSD with less than 8 megs used by other
        processes. Still, one gets his named killed by kernel because
        out of swap space, which is 65 megs. If I configure squid to use
        only 8 megs of mem this doesn't happen. cache_swap is about 2.5 gig.
        Cachemgr says proxy uses about 12 megs.. I think someone's not honest
        about his memory usage.

        					Antti Rytsölä
						Data Link Connections
Received on Fri Nov 29 1996 - 04:52:53 MST

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