Re: HTML Objects.

From: Nigel Metheringham <>
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 1996 19:26:28 +0000

} wrote:
} >We are trying to do a "small as possible" hack in the squid code. We
} >would like to edit any new HTML object saved in the server cache. Doing
} >so new requests for the same object will receive the edited HTML file.
} >Our
} >idea is to put a small foot-note in the cached HTML files with the date
} >it was cached.
} Does squid use checksums to check if a file has been modified on the web
} server? If so, editing the file will change the checksum, and when squid
} goes to check if the file's changed, it'll come to the conclusion that it has.

No it does not - to calculate the checksum it would need to retreive the
file, which kind of defeats the object of If-Modified-Since cacheing! Its
done on dates alone. If HTTP returned some form of signature in the
header this would help.


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