Re: 1.1.beta23 dnsserver problem on AIX

From: Rodney van den Oever <>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 00:44:19 +0100

I'm truly very sorry but it really made a stupid mistake, I changed the
default umask for root to increase security.

> >The message seems to indicate dnsserver is not executable, but it is!

So why the hell didn't I check it then (banging my keyboard against my

> >Even ftpget bails out on me now!
> >
> >I did not have these problems running the 1.0-squids.
> Must be some kind of permissions problem. Are the executables
> and the bin directory mode 755? Are you starting squid as root?

The dir was 700! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> Duane W.

It now runs fine on my Linux system at home, probably a similar silly
mistake on the AIX-box at work.

  212 ? S 0:02 /usr/local/squid/bin/squid -DUs
  213 ? S 0:00 (dnsserver)
  214 ? S 0:00 /usr/local/squid/bin/ftpget -S 1112

I already began having nightmares of not being able to run Squid ever
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