New user badly needs help...

From: Leo A. David <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 05:55:09 -0800

        Greetings, Sirs!

        I am a new user of the SQUID Web Caching Program here in the
Philippines and I have little knowledge of the C language. I work in an ISP
named PHnet, who have the major
schools here in the country as its clients and "some" individual users as well.

        This project was given to me sometime ago and I am having a
difficult time how this program works. I hope you could help me out on this.

        I had downloaded the latest SQUID program, Squid-1.0.20.gz, read the
documentation at your web site, the installation was a breeze, no errors had
happened. I had also configured the squid.conf, but I don't know if the
configuration of the tags is right. I had it attached herewith for your

        I had placed the SQUID not in my web server ([]) but in a different server named[] Is
this possible?

        What should I execute? Is it the squid or RunAccel to start the
proxy caching of internet objects?

        I had executed RunAccel at first and it cached the objects i
accessed. But if I enter another client, and access the same object, it
never access the proxy cache in pira but it goes to the source. For example,
I accessed by using lynx in pira while RunAccel is
executing. Then it reads source object and it finally caches it in pira.
When another client access that object (, it doesn't go to
the proxy server. Why is this so?

        Where could I configure squid so that everytime a local client of
ours access an object, it first checks if the object is available in my
proxy server. If it is then available, it is definitely quite obvious that
the time of accessing that object would be minimized rather going out of the
country and add traffic to our lines. But if it is not available in my proxy
server, squid gets it from its source, downloads it so that when a new
client access the same object, he doesn't have to go to far.
        Should I leave squid "on" 24-hrs a day?

        If you want any other information regarding the technical aspects of
our lines, please don't hesitate to ask, I'd be glad to supply you with the

        Your soonest reply would be appreciated!

        Leo Andrew A. David
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