Need to know ACL format

From: Francis Vidal <>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 12:02:18 +0800 (HKT)


hello squid-users!

i've been trying to configure my Squid (1.1.0) to allow only these sites
access to the proxy/cache server: up to with
mask this is what i did (correct me if i'm wrong):

        acl usls src
        http_access allow usls
        http_access deny all !usls

but i get access denied from the proxy/cache server. can someone help me

i was also configuring it to access the following proxy servers:

        cache_host parent 3128 3130 weight=100
        cache_host parent 8088 7
        cache_host sibling 3128 3130 weight=50
        cache_host sibling 3128 3130 weight=10

description of connections:
[ i'm running squid 1.1.0 with 32MB RAM, 1.2 G cache space serving 20
ethernet clients and 16 dialup clients (via the terminal access server)] is running squid 1.0.17 with 1.2 G of cache connected
via 128K leased line to a switching network. i'm connected to (there are two squid proxies in the domain)
via 64K leased line (ICMP reply = 27ms for 56 bytes data). the switching
network is connected to the mother ISP via 256K line. mother ISP
( has 2 G of cache running CERN proxy (duh!) is another node connected to the mother ISP (using
squid 1.0.17)

i wanted to configure (from my side) my squid so that it efficiently
fetches objects from parents and siblings (btw, what's the definition of
sibling. same as neighbor in 1.0.xx?) given the connections above.

can some kind soul help me? thanks!

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