Re: Need to know ACL format

From: Ed Knowles <>
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 19:11:48 -0400

G'day Francis!

> what are the rules/standard procedures for choosing a sibling?

Without starting a religious war ... I would only have a sibling that was on
the same WAN, maybe; ie departments neighbour each other within a university
network. The university cache would then possibly neighbour to other
universities, which all parent to a state/national cache. Even then, depending
on topology, it may be 'better' for all the departments to just parent to 'the'
university cache, or perhaps to only have 'the' university cache and no
departmental ones at all. Of course, none of this effect you :))

The diagram helps, a lot. I would still just parent to the local ISP. The local
ISP should then parent to the CERN proxy (nicer if the CERN get's replaced by a

> i would also like to be not too much dependent on the parent upstream
> proxy/cache.

Hmm ... why not? The whole idea is to save traffic, and thus money, from being
transfered needlessly. If your parents Squid is off line for some reason, your
Squid will still be able to serve all requests and will keep checking to see if
the parent is back from the dead.


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