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Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 09:46:31 +0800

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>FIRST_PARENT_MISS The object has been requested from the
> parent cache with the fastest weighted round
> trip time.
>This is a little odd, which I'll explain more below.

hmmm... ic. that explains why.

>If cit was up I would have expected all requests to be serviced by it, as it is
>closer, quicker and weighted. A little odd :(

yep... i expected that too. in fact, it's quite different from 1.0.17.
in 1.0.xx, most of the objects were fetched through
even though is also there listed as a parent. cit is
just three hops away compared to which is 6 hops away.

ping replies 56 data bytes
-------------------------- = round-trip min/avg/max 69.6/113.2/167.8 = round-trip min/avg/max 27.7/27.8/27.9

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