Re: squid and ssl proxying?

From: Balint Nagy Endre <>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 21:05:46 +0100 (MET)

Aaron Howell writes:
> Hi there. I don't know if this can be done but...
> I am running lynx and have need to access ssl based urls for university
> purposes.
> Unfortunately, the patches to allow lynx to work with ssl are written
> inside the U.S, and hence cannot legally be exported for use in Australia.
> I'm not going to go into my opinions on the U.S's, attitude to export
> restrictions, but anyway, I am wondering if there is any way to have squid
> do the decoding of ssl urls for you, that is, you can to squid with the
> url and squid gets and decodes the url, then
> forwards it back to your browser in this case lynx, in a format which it
> can understand.
> In this way I would run a small squid cache on my local machine and point
> requests for ssl urls https: and snews: to the squid cache for retrieval.
> Is there any way of doing this? Is there anything else I can get that will
> act as an intermediary between a squid cache and an ssl url to do the
> decoding? or between the browser and the squid cache?
I got an australian SSL implementattion from my friends recenlty.
The originals are at .
Currently I should build the SSLtelnet for linux as requested by friends.
Later I will consider integrating SSLeay into Squid, but maybe someone will
faster than I. (On my (squid-related) todo list there is ftpget rewrite
(adding PUT and status code cleanup), code cleanup and finalisation of
log-postprocessor, adding some kinda ARCHIE like service...)

Andrew. (Endre "Balint" Nagy) <>
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