Fatal Error when requesting INFO with the cachemgr... version 1.1.0

From: Walter Klomp <walter@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 21:48:50 +0800

Hi All.

I have compiled the squid 1.1.0 on an SCO Faststart (open server 5.0.2) box
with 3000 file descriptors, 192Mb RAM with gcc...

I have found this bug ever since the earliest beta I tested (but I thought it
was a configuration error of mine, and really didn't think much of it..)

My proxy server is working beatifully now after some tips of some of you guys,
however as soon as I do an info request, this appears in the cache.log and
squid restarts. This doesn't happen all the time, once in a while.

96/12/09 21:42:56| ERR_CLIENT_ABORT:
96/12/09 21:43:44| Scanned 41 objects, Removed 1 expired objects
96/12/09 21:44:14| CACHEMGR: requesting 'info'
FATAL: Received Segment Violation...dying.
96/12/09 21:44:14| storeWriteCleanLog: Starting...
96/12/09 21:44:14| 4096 lines written so far.

Last weekend the squid ran the whole weekend without any problems. The
compiling gives some warnings, but everyting compiles beatifully...

Anybody any idea what is going on? How can I check the status without the
squid restarting ? :-)

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