Re: Cookies abuse

From: Manar Hussain <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 22:00:05 +0000 (GMT)

>Alternatively, for a bit less agressive method. We can have cache log the
>site that set cookie for the whole site, i.e. "/". We can put those list up
>somewhere where everyone can see on the net.
>If you really want to penalize the cookie abuser, we can put the site that
>set cookie for "/", or the site that use cookie to get
>- big object (> 100k)
>- image: *.gif *.jpg *.mov
>on lower QOS group.

It may be "a little less agressive" but it's penalising something a hell of
a lot less the web site maintainers fault. I can see the strong desire to
have site maintainers give very careful consideration before deciding when
and if to use cookies - but there are a wide range of (IMO) very valid uses
of cookies that justify expecting them to be sent to anything in /

To my mind the problem for proxy's on this is not inherent in expecting to
be able to use cookies widely anyway (would you prefer <?wierd stuff> on
the end of every page!) - and it has already been raised that some
mechanism to support state information is critical as this is getting more
not less required.

Bang on about headers, last modified, expires etc. and work on improving
the solutions ...

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