Cookies abuse

From: Anawat Chankhunthod <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 11:05:50 -0800

> Last night I came up with another way of dealing with "cache unfriendly"
> sites.
> The cache could keep track of what sort of hit rates it gets for each
> server hostname. In situations where bandwidth is scarce, the low-hit-rate
> sites could be given lower priority or "quality of service."

Alternatively, for a bit less agressive method. We can have cache log the
site that set cookie for the whole site, i.e. "/". We can put those list up
somewhere where everyone can see on the net.

If you really want to penalize the cookie abuser, we can put the site that
set cookie for "/", or the site that use cookie to get
- big object (> 100k)
- image: *.gif *.jpg *.mov

on lower QOS group.

I think we probably need a little bit of both QOS penalty and HIT meter to make
a net a better place.

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